Charmajesty Care Card
Care Instructions

With a little bit of proper care your linens will maintain their beautiful appearance providing you with years of use.


Use a gentle detergent without any bleach or bleaching agents. Never pour any detergent directly onto the linens as this may discolour them. Avoid overloading the washing machine. Pre treat any stains prior to washing.

Never use any sort of bleach, and never wash with other coloured items.

Some hair and skin products such as acne lotions or toothpastes that contain oxidizing agensts may cause discolouration of coloured sheets.


Linens can be machine dried on medium heat. Remove the linens slightly damp as this will assist in ironing and minimise wrinkles. Do not over dry the sheets as this pulls out the natural moisture, breaking the cottton fibre and create pilling. Do not use a hot setting as this will likely cause excess shrinkage.


Iron linens while still damp to assist in ironing. Iron the reverse side of the fabric on medium / high. Use a press cloth when ironing embroided sheets. A spray bottle with water works well in removing wrinkles.


Linens should be stored in a cool dry place. Avoid storing in plastic bags which may yellow the linens and instead use an old pillow case.